Third time lucky?

Motherhood? Three times a mother? Three times lucky? I am still unsure of the correct phrase for this era of my life. Besides calling my mother yesterday and begging her to come to Cape Town so she can assist me with this third baby, I still struggle to properly describe the kind of anxiety I still feel. My sister always refers to me as an “effortless mother” and I always take it. After writing my first blog post discussing my unplanned parenthood journey, it seems I have inspired so many people into motherhood, I guess I really am an effortless mother, thank you little sis!

Seriously though, I do wish I had this motherhood thing on lock-down, it’s such an evolving journey. I was sitting with my husband this other day and we were discussing how far we’ve come and actually laughing at the fact that we both wanted to stop at baby number two, look at us now? I love being a mother, but thinking about baby number three still gets me a little nervous. My punctual and ever organized little sister managed to pull, yet another baby shower for me. It was meant to start at 12:00 but because it was being thrown for a pregnant mother of two kids, naturally, it started an hour and a half late. I think people have become more tolerant of my late coming these days. First I have to bathe Johnathan after chasing him around the house for an hour (On the day of the baby shower he disappeared and I had to make phone calls crying and we all had to search for him for about two hours), then I need to ask Chantal to get in the shower while moisturizing and dressing Johnathan (Who as it turns out was picked up from the salon by my husband and he forgot to tell me), after this I need to get into a 10 minute argument with Chantal about the outfit I’ve chosen for her(she’s 9 years old), then it’s feeding the babies because the husband is at work and I am all alone at home. After getting the kids decent enough to attend the event, I still have to shower and change, well half of my clothes don’t fit me so it’s another hour because I’m still in denial about how big I’ve gotten. God, I hoped I would only gain around the waistline with this baby.

We had a plan of how everything was supposed to happen after Chantal, we were supposed to get married, both get into stable and fulfilling jobs, buy property and then think about having another child. When Jonathan was born, we had to rearrange the plans, but we were adamant we would have our third baby when Jonathan was atleast 5 years old, when I found out I was pregnant we had to rearrange our plans yet again. Winging it right? That’s what they call it when you do things without proper rehearsal and preparations? Well, I guess we’re winging it then. I don’t take my blessings for granted though, I can still call my mom and ask her to come help with my child, I can still call my sister to whine and basically just complain and I still have incredible friends who come to my house to cook for me and do my whole laundry for me. Honestly, how did I get so lucky?

As anxious as I am for baby number three (She is still unnamed), I am also so content because I have never had a greater support system. I was looking at all my friends this weekend (old and new), I was looking at my ever incredible baby sister (She’s not a baby anymore) and I was looking at my kids and I couldn’t help but thank God. I’ve come to accept that everything happens in His time. How far we’ve all come, we’ve all grown and evolved, and above it all, we are the greatest supporters of each other. Okay, before I get into an emotional mess, let’s look at my baby shower pictures and you can see what I mean.

Also, I have been instructed to mention that all decor and arrangements were done by Sibahle Teyise. She said she know’s she’s good but for now she does events management and decor as a private practice for her work and for family/friends only, she is looking at expanding this though.DSC05344.jpgDSC05614.jpgDSC05667.jpgDSC05652.jpgDSC05777.jpgDSC05588.jpgDSC05525.jpgDSC05837.jpgDSC05519_1.jpgDSC05208.jpgDSC05293.jpgDSC05187.jpgDSC05469.jpgDSC05410.jpg


Published by zenandeteyise

My name is Zenande Teyise, I am a mother of three adorable kids. I was a chef in another lifetime and now I work in the hospitality industry, specialising in Accounts for hotels. I studied hospitality and I would refer to myself as a people's person. I lead a very simple life, God comes first followed by family and then everything else.

4 thoughts on “Third time lucky?

  1. This is a beautiful post, I also agree that you seem like an effortless mother. Motherhood comes naturally to others and you seem like one of those people. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

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