Introducing Baby Corolla

11 October 2017. That is the date given to me by the doctor.

You will give birth on the 11th of October 2017 Zenande, if not, please come back so we can look at the next steps

I had my bag packed, wearing my free flowing dress that I specifically bought for this day. 11 October 2017, I am ready for baby number three to arrive. I’ve been ready for this child to arrive for some time now. I had a phenomenal baby shower which contributed to all the basic necessities for welcoming a new born baby, and both Chantal and Johnathan cannot wait to meet her, this is the day.

Little did I know what 11 of October 2017 had in store for me:

  • From my water breaking while at home with one of my friends who doesn’t have kids. Poor woman wouldn’t stop crying while attempting to stop Johnathan from “sliding” on the water
  • Being carried by my husband and his friend out of the house to the car with my free flowing dress in the air. Oh! And I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Such a gracious sight.
  • Finally deciding to take the few steps to the car. There was too much flashing for my liking. I really thought wearing the free flowing dress without underwear was a great idea
  • Being in a car with my husband, my two kids and my two friends (both don’t have kids)
  • Giving birth in a car. Yes! I gave birth on my way to hospital with both my kids in the car. I’m not sure if Chantal still believes the story of kids being bought at the store anymore.

If you’ve ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you know how Kourtney pulls out her own kids? Yes, I did that. I pulled her out myself! It was either that or I risked losing my baby and the latter was not an option for me. It’s true that nothing really prepares one for motherood but nothing equips one for giving birth in a car, through the Grace of God I did. My heart started pumping properly again when I heard her first cry, it was loud and it was melodic, it was in tune with every beat of my heart.

The drive to the hospital was like Fast and the Furious. We had people shouting, babies and grown-ups crying alike. When I said “Okay, baby number three you can arrive now!!” in my first blog post, I had no idea what I was in for. I had my mother with me for my first two children, when I started making irregular sounds she knew, when I started acting in a weird way, she knew, and even when I would insist “I’m fine mom, I don’t think it’s time yet“, she knew better, she always knew better and she always held my hand. This time she was thousands of miles away. I timed myself on my younger sister’s whatsapp, hoping she would let me know if the times were too close, completely forgetting that she’s on a “social media detox” Sigh!

When we got to hospital it was more chaos, wheelchairs being brought, nurses and doctors running around, tests being run, baby being checked etc. I was already physically checked out by then. After hours, it was confirmed that everything was well, the doctor insisted I stay overnight though. Eleven days later, I am juggling between three kids, Johnathan who still tries to steal all the attention, Chantal who is getting bigger with every passing second and “Baby Corolla” who I cannot stop looking at. I also cannot stop eating but it’s only because I am breast-feeding, at-least that’s what I tell my sister every-time she confronts me about my eating habits.

I can finally say it “I am a mother of three”! Goodness, perhaps it’s time to get the tubes tied hey?!!

Published by zenandeteyise

My name is Zenande Teyise, I am a mother of three adorable kids. I was a chef in another lifetime and now I work in the hospitality industry, specialising in Accounts for hotels. I studied hospitality and I would refer to myself as a people's person. I lead a very simple life, God comes first followed by family and then everything else.

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