My breasts don’t owe you any bra

Firstly, just having breasts on it own is a mission, mine are bigger than your average 25 year old girl so I am on a DOUBLE D mission every day of my life. Personally, I don’t like any sort of clothes, I jump at the opportunity of walking around with no clothes on, it makes me feel liberated, hence I like to keep my house visitors to a minimum. You know the saying “If they are flawless, you can go braless“, basically saying the only people who can get away with not wearing a bra are those with perky breasts and the rest of us can be damned??!! That is total and utter CRAP!! Firstly, what are flawless breasts? Is there such a thing? Breasts without flaws? Really? What year are we in? It’s okay to have a breast preference, small/big/middle, that’s your prerogative and I really do pray you are surrounded by the breasts you so desire.

Sometime in 2013 one of my then friends from University was laughing at this Facebook video, I failed to find the humour in the video, in fact as a woman I was appalled and offended. The video was made by a man and it was a one minute song about ladies breasts jiggling when they run and how women who don’t have firm breasts should rather walk instead of running. After the video this girl laughs and starts making these nasty comments about women whose breasts aren’t perky and how it’s gross, as a fellow women I just felt bad for her. Suffice to say we are no longer friends. It’s hard enough being a women and having to defend ourselves amongst men, its a double battle when we now have to defend ourselves amongst each other. One of the reasons I have minimum friends is because I do not tolerate the intolerable, and bashing other women is one of the things I consider intolerable.

“No-one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is”

It truly saddens my heart when I speak to some of my girlfriends and I hear just how hard they are on their bodies. One of my friends who recently went through a divorce broke my heart last week when she said:

I have two kids Sibahle, whom I love with all my heart but my body just isn’t what it used to be. I have stretch marks, my breasts are saggy, I don’t even wear a bikini anymore, I wear shorts to the beach and I wear push up bras even when I sleep. My breasts just look horrible, what will the next person say? I just feel like it’s something I need to warn someone about on the first date. Don’t get me wrong I know I’m attractive and I don’t think I have a low self-esteem but I’m afraid of what the next person might say when they see my body“.

If I had a rand for every time I heard a girl refer to their breasts as being saggy and “gross”!! One of the definitions of saggy is “to decline, as in value and price“. So how is the value and price of breasts defined? By the circumference? By the shape? I’m really curious! You guys know that breasts contribute to developing an infant right? It produces food and sustenance for new born babies? Is that how breasts are valued? Is that how the price is determined? When, then, does the price/value decline? These terms are truly pathetic.

I’m sorry (not sorry) if my nipples offend you when I’m going shopping and I’m wearing my tank top without a bra. I’m sorry if you’re offended when I’m my running and my breasts move, I understand according to the status quo women are meant to wear a bra so their breasts are kept in check. I mean I understand that even though guys can go running without tops with their nipples in full view, it’s an abomination if a women’s nipples are visible. I’m not that extra I would never go running topless, but I will definitely not be wearing a bra on the weekend and after office hours unless I feel like I want to, if this is an offense to you, we’re living in a democracy – please exercise your right to look away just as I am exercising my right to free my nipples. Big or small, firm or not, wearing a bra is not an obligation for anyone – we do it as courtesy, please let’s not get it twisted!



Published by Sibahle Teyise

Mholo, Hello, Groete, Sawubona, Lotjhani, Dumela, Ndaa, Avuxeni! I’m Sibahle Teyise, JAGWAT founder and head content writer. I have an Undergraduate Degree from UCT majoring in Public Policy and Literature, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma from UCT specialising in Marketing, Events Management and Business Communication. I am an author under construction, working on my book to be published soon- "When It Happens For Girls Like Us". I started JAGWAT in 2017, following the success of my personal blog - Tales Of The Mute. The inspiration to start JAGWAT came after hearing the sad stories of women being murdered on a daily basis, the violence against women as well as the many stories of women taking their own lives because of suffering in silence. JAGWAT provides a platform for women to take back the power by sharing their stories on a public central platform and with this, they show other women that they are not alone. I believe that when women stand together great things happen. No women should suffer in silence and the more we speak up as women and create a sisterhood and support group, the more powerful we can become. I am passionate about communities with women from disadvantaged backgrounds and JAGWAT supports Women Initiatives as well as making a difference in various schools from the township by offering assistance to learners in the form of mentorship and tutoring. I am a self-proclaimed book-worm and although I am a shy person, I am a motivational public speaker. I was heavily bullied in primary as well as high school and I am extremely passionate about Anti-Bullying campaigns and initiatives. I read, I write, I gym, I pray, I cycle, , I hike, I run, and pretty much everything in between. I am a weight loss motivator having lost 16kg in the past 2 years, which is quite an achievement for someone who can’t cook. (Thank GOD for food that can easily be boiled!!) I am a firm believer that an empowered women can empower other women and JAGWAT aims to be that platform for Women Empowerment. On a lighter note: I have the worst music playlist in the history of playlists.

8 thoughts on “My breasts don’t owe you any bra

  1. I love this post Hlehle, I actually had a fight with my cuzin because of this braless boobies. First of all not everyone afford comfortable bras, so once one gets the opportunity not to wear grab it standwa, can’t be wearing bras 24/7. “If u feel uncomfortable looking at my braless breasts, then look away lol”. Awesome post munchie ❤


    1. I’m so glad you relate to the post, it is absolutely tiring to have to defend ourselves everyday as woman. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me, I appreciate your continued support.


  2. Your blogs are my new obsession. I’m reading all your posts today!!
    You are wittty and interesting and not scared to speak up.
    I’m definitely sticking around gurl

    Liked by 1 person

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