Impossibility of finding a life partner

I’ve often been told that nothing is impossible in life but for me that’s a “Big Lie”. If you think you’re going to find your ideal man “in this Era my Sistra” think carefully…
Ask me, “Miss Know It All”
This was my list before I realized there is no such thing as a perfect man.
1) A man that will be a Daddy and not only a Father to my son
2) A man with a Genuine, Deep-level admiration for us as his family, this must come from a deep-place within
3) A man with realistic expectations, that wants commitment with no barriers and is willing to defeat challenges together
4) A man that will always make us his first priority as his family
5) A man that has a deep-sense of respect combined with trust, that is open, willing to tell me anything.
6) A man that is a happy individual with his healthy identity, appreciate me as his woman the way I am.
7) A man willing to embrace change that comes in unexpected ways that makes both of us grow (adapt)
8) A man that is eager to fight for our relationship, to thrive by dealing with conflicting situations
9) A man that is forgiving at all times, as most matters are not worth the fight

10) A man that is honest not only to me and the public, but also to himself

I know what you’re thinking “this has got to be a joke“!
Oh but wait, my list is not yet done.
Remember, I am highly educated, I have a great and successful career and I am ambitious, to name a few.
I also need a man that went to University, he must be ambitious, career-wise, modern  working-class and he must also be financially secure.
BUT Wait….!! I forgot the physical appearance:
He must be tall, dark-chocolate, hazelnut eyes, masculinized body, beard but not to much, deep manly voice.
Ok girl, let’s be realistic! Finding a life partner “Nie Eks Pap en Steak
I’ve always known what characteristics I wanted in a life partner and I’ve never been a fan of compromising. After all, I am not looking for the impossible, am I? There SHOULD be such a thing as a PERFECT partner shouldn’t there? If not, then what’s the point?
All the necessities I mentioned above, unfortunately, I didn’t even have a taste of how it feels like to be in a relationship with all the traits I needed from a man. I didn’t event get a single one of them. The checklist has not been checked! Sad isn’t it?
I always look at my checklist and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It makes it hard for me to be interested in looking for love again. Of cause I continued to date even though I didn’t get what I was looking for. You’re probably asking yourself “HOW” right?
Well, that Chapter is for another day…. TO BE CONTINUED!!!

Published by fisombatha

They call me "Miss Colgate" face is always full of Smiley Smiley Emoticon. I know my self as the "Queen of Waves", blessed with the "Lil King of the Ocean (your Deep Scar is our miracle footprint). I never knew how STRONG, POWERFUL, PEACEFUL I was until I met an adorable baby boy, only to find out he is a Fruit of my Womb. He makes me become a better woman every day. He is the pillar of strength and a back-bone of my life. He makes me look at life in a different perspective as a strong woman. His eyes draw my inner-being to have Faith. His Laughter is the best medicine that cures challenges and difficulties I go through as a Mother. I made a Vow I that will never vanish in his heart: My baby boy - "Your Life is a Miracle, I will Treasure it and Appreciate it truthful moments as you are "God's Creation" I hope my stories of truthful moments will bring healing, peace, courage to let go, No Regret, self forgiveness, appreciation and HAPPINESS (as it often sneaks in a door you did not think was open). I am the "Queen of Waves"

2 thoughts on “Impossibility of finding a life partner

  1. Mo’ ghel! First of all we are so alike , and these men ain’t shit bra. Cannot wait for you to finish the story, seems like you are a character to be reckoned with . I couldn’t help but laugh at some stuff on your checklist 😂 . Otherwise this seems like its going to be an epic story .


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