Are you a VICTIM or are you a WARRIOR?

There is one thing that very few women are aware of. With this post I hope to reach out to those women who need to know about this. The women that need to make a change, NOW!

Can you guess what I am about to talk about?   

The one thing that women think it’s okay, to be someone else’s punching bag… That it’s okay to be blamed for someone else’s mistakes….


Yes. I am going to open this subject, because I feel there is a lack of information out there.  We grew up in houses with abuse, we go through life with abuse. Did you know that there are many different types of abuse?

Did you know that you can be financially abused?
Did you know that “rape” is also one of the types of abuse?

Did you know that you can be abused on a psychological level?
Did you know that ABUSE is a criminal offence?

This is only a few of the types of abuse that we live with every day.
Did you know that even rich people have these kind of problems?

Yeah!!! I am not talking through my nose here. The statistics are shocking. 1 out of 6 women are assaulted regularly by their partner.  In most cases where there are children involved, they too suffer under the same kind of abuse.

I know about a certain case where the man refused to buy tampons, toilet paper, soap or any kind of toiletries for the woman.  Now, imagine yourself: You are in a small flat, with nothing in the house, not even toilet paper. Whenever you get the chance to go to public toilets you take half a toilet roll home…Girls, this is reality!!!!

I know of a woman where her food was given to her ice cold and with no cutlery to eat with, he made her eat her food like a dog. She was held in a room, the whole day for months on end. If she needed to relieve herself she had to do it in the same room that she lived and slept in.  I promise you that this is no joke!!

When you come out of these circumstances, you start to be more grateful for the small things in life, like toilet paper and toiletries.  

I was also a victim of financial, emotional and physical abuse. This is not a joke, this breaks you. The emotional abuse sticks with you forever. The physical abuse depends on the injuries, like when you are left with a broken jaw or broken leg or arm, will be with you for the rest of your life!!!

Ladies (and guys) this has become a norm.  Why men continue to do this, still puzzles me. However, I have to come up for the men, because in some cases the woman abuses the man, financially and most likely emotionally too.

In the next few weeks I will discuss the kinds of abuse and the “symptoms” or signs to be on the look out for…

‘Till next time!!!!

Published by neethlingsalome

As a 30 something year old woman who has experienced life and all its ups and downs, I hope to be an asset to JAGWAT, to give my input regarding my life experiences in different aspects. I aim to contribute in the vision of empowering women, giving advise and helping women become better versions of themselves.

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