The Unspoken


The excitement and thought of infinite possibilities I had when I had an epiphany about starting my very own blog slowly faded when I caught myself staring at a  blank screen for more than two hours. I found myself slowly shrinking at the fear of deciding what I thought my first blog post should be about.

The amount of pressure involved in voicing out your opinions for others to judge and possibly base their ostracism on slowly turned my excitement into thoughts of horror. It is at that very moment that I recalled a quote I once came across by Marianne Williamson which reads “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…..”

When you have been shutting out your inner voice and thoughts for so long it is nearly impossible to open up that door and tap into that voice inside of you which is still screaming so loud of all the unspoken words. All the times you wanted to scream at someone and give them a peace of your mind, all the times you had a story to tell but were never given the platform, all the times you wanted to express yourself but lacked the proper words and actions, all the times you allowed others to look and speak down on you because you believed every word they said, all those times you doubted your own capabilities, all those times you were shamed for being different, all those times you let others take the spotlight because you did not feel worthy…. all the unspoken words and all the endless echoes of your silent cries, all of those and more are the reason I decided to take a leap of faith and voice out my opinions and random thoughts.

We live in a world full of opinionated people, with voices so loud we often lose our way. With so many people telling you which way is what we often lose ourselves in the process of pleasing those around us (Our parents, friends, colleagues, partners, families etc), which is all quite unnecessary. We only get one life and it is imperative that we use it wisely so as to have no regrets.

Okay!! Enough with the heavy stuff!! These are my random ramblings about everything in general. I am quite excited to share my thoughts in this space, as I learn, love and live life in the best way I possibly can.