Impossibility of finding a life partner

I’ve often been told that nothing is impossible in life but for me that’s a “Big Lie”. If you think you’re going to find your ideal man “in this Era my Sistra” think carefully… “TOFEYAGWA = Never“. Ask me, “Miss Know It All” This was my list before I realized there is no such thingContinue reading “Impossibility of finding a life partner”

Grasping at straws

Where do I even begin? I guess the beginning is always a good start (pun intended). I met my “potential” ex-husband in 2006, it wasn’t love at first sight, it was rather “connection or curiosity at first sight”. When I met him, there was still a lot of controversy around xenophobia and the attacks, thereContinue reading “Grasping at straws”

My internet dating experience

  Hands on the keyboard, fingers are supposed to be moving… typing… but instead my heart is pacing… and it keeps on pacing… beating faster… why are my fingers not moving? This was supposed to be easy Sibahle, 3 basic steps dammit!! Step 1 – Download Tinder and create a profile Step 2 – GetContinue reading “My internet dating experience”

Why am I STILL single?

Disclaimer: By the time this post went into¬†publishing, I cannot confirm nor deny that I was still single. “You’re gorgeous, intelligent, independent, kind – Straight up wife material – ¬†why are you still single?” This has got to be my most favourite question (Insert sarcasm here). I have been asked this question so frequent thatContinue reading “Why am I STILL single?”