What will we tell our daughters?

When I was 9 years I followed my older sister and her friends to the park without their permission. My sister was upset with me but she let me follow them because I promised to “tell on her” if she didn’t want to play with me. We were not allowed to walk to the parkContinue reading “What will we tell our daughters?”

Never mind… you won’t find someone like me!

“Have you seen how good I look lately? No, I mean have you seen my glow? Have you seen my body? This is not a junk-food eating body GIRL!!” I SAID THAT!!! Me, Sibahle Teyise, 25 years old! 5 February 2018, 13:20 at 22 Bree Street, I was having a conversation with my now exContinue reading “Never mind… you won’t find someone like me!”