JAGWAT is proud to announce that we will be doing another Matric Dance initiative for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our aim is to sponsor a minimum of 5 students from the township for their Matric Ball Dance. This initiative only applies to students in South Africa due to courier restrictions. If you are a Grade 12 learner at school in the Township and would like to attend your matric ball but lack the finance, please let us know by filling in your details below:





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My name is Yolanda Mbolompo, a 26 year old born in Cape town but originally from Eastern Cape, later on in the years I relocated to Johannesburg. I remember one day going to some party with my friends I had my very short natural hair and I sure felt beautiful when one lady said to me “You look too basic” I knew what she meant and I did not have any energy to try to reason with her, then it clicked we have gotten so deep into the society standard of “beauty”.

I have no problem with anyone wearing a weave/ wig or having their hair relaxed and curled, my heart cries out for those teenagers who can’t afford weaves who go as far as sleeping with guys just to get a  22inch weave because apparently our hair is not good enough for society. Someone had to step in and say “you know what, do you boo, if you love weaves and can afford them Great! they look nice on you! BUT if you can’t afford weaves or you’re just like me, you don’t even like them much, sweety you are welcome AND you look great”. I then thought maybe I should have a product that will be suitable for our natural hair because there isn’t much for us in the market and those that are available are too expensive that an average person cannot afford them even if they wanted to keep their natural hair. That is when Afro_Bae came about.

A lot of people ask me why “Afro_Bae”? Well, the same way you use “bae” for your favorite food, your bf/f or just anything you love dearly that’s how I feel about natural hair, my afro is “bae”. Afro_bae products are made of natural oil, raw shea butter and aloe vera and are 100% chemical free and very affordable too. However Afro-bae is not only about buying products but also our social media page will be used as a platform to talk about natural hair and raise awareness. My duty is to do research and meet with hair experts and share information (covering different topics such as hair line, protective hair style, wash days, knowing your hair type etc) so that we make the journey fun and exciting while we grow and embrace our crowns, I have had a big chop few months ago so we are pretty much going to start the journey together.

The natural hair movement is not a trend but a symbol of us taking back our power

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I am Linda Mbali. I was born and raised in one of the second largest township in South Africa – Khayelitsha. I grew up with no mentor or someone to look up to in my community. However, I had a role model – Oprah Winfrey, but I knew deep down in my heart that chances of meeting her were so slim or not possible. So i decided to create a platform in my community where we can have reachable mentors and role models, especially for women, because I can relate to being a woman.

I run a weekly empowerment program for young women in Khayelitsha. The project provides a safe space for young women to discuss and explore topics that are crucial to their personal development. It focuses on the value of respect, love, support, and empowerment, giving the young women not only opportunities to receive mentorship but provides a support network from their peers. We want to include a variety of fields, therefore we have different programs which help girls dream big:

  • Help them apply, granting exposure on various careers as well as shed light on opportunities.
  • A book drive, to develop a love for reading, help intellect and vocabulary, and improve their imagination.
  • Sanitary towel drop-offs, to supply as well as educate them on their period cycle.


JAGWAT is giving away two dresses to Grade 12 students from the township. We are also raising funds to purchase a new dress for a learner in Grade 12, this is specific to top performing learners who are unable to attend the Matric Ball due to financial constraints.  Unfortunately, the giveaway is only open to students from the Township in South Africa. Donations are welcome for the purchase of the third dress. Please email us on


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