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JAGWAT is launching an Anti-Bullying campaign to educate young kids about what bullying is, as well as ways to handle being bullied in High School.

Studies show that kids who are bullied don’t perform well in school because they are depressed, they have low self-esteem and they are just generally unhappy and feel alone. Reports show that pupils in South Africa’s public schools are bullied more than those in independent schools. In 2012, a grade 10 pupil from Pretoria killed himself to escape bullying. In the 15-24 age group, suicide is the second leading, and fastest growing, cause of death in South Africa.

Bullying facts

  • More than 3.2 million learners are bullied yearly in South Africa.
  • When asked, 52% of learners characterised bullying as an act of verbal abuse and 22% explains it as physical abuse in the form of pushing, hitting and beating.
  • More than 67% of bully victims will not ask a teacher for help because they don’t think it will change their situation.
  • 90% of school bullying is carried out by learners.
  • 8% of school bullying is carried out by teachers.
  • 4% of learners know someone who is being bullied.
  • The Western Cape has the most reported cases of bullying with over 18.5% of learners reporting acts of abuse.
  • 160 000 high school learners bunk school daily to avoid being bullied.
  • 1 in 10 learners drop out of school to avoid being bullied.
  • 16% of learners admit that they are victims of cyber-bullying.

Please sign the pledge below to show your support for Anti-Bullying.


If you are having difficulties with being bullied, please contact Childline 08000 55555.

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